Although the Kemensah Krazy is a race, helping a fellow runner in need should remain more important. Try to assess the seriousness of the emergency. Be sure that there's no immediate danger for the victim, neither for yourself and others at the place of the incident. If the runner is not breathing or you can't feel a pulse, start performing CPR before doing anything else. The CPR method is described in your Race Booklet (RB). Continue to do so until the moment someone else arrives at the scene. Then you can give instructions to make the emergency phone call while you continue performing CPR. If you can call the race organisers, do so. If the emergency requires immediate intervention, attract the attention of more runners if you need assistance. If you are facing a serious emergency, you can't neither reach the race organisers nor one of your peers, call the 112 emergency services. Use your phone to obtain the GPS coordinates of your actual location and provide all necessary details of the emergency to the organisers or emergency services. Never leave an injured person alone. Make them feel at ease and as comfortable as possible. Talk to them and keep the conversation going. Keep the victim warm and dry.